A Handwriting Personality Quiz

Dapet link nya dari mba Icha pas lagi berkunjung ke blog nya dia.Penasaran pengen tau gw kaya mana, akhirnya gw menuju TKP deh.Cuman setelah liat hasilnya, masa gw dibilang rebellious and a lot of quirky??!!Aaahhh…mau ngulang lagi untuk ngejawabnya, udah males ngeliat huruf-hurufnya yang kadang suka bikin pusing orang ngebacanya hihi jadilah di terima-terima aj πŸ˜€ Berikut hasil test nya…

Your handwriting shows that you are first and foremost an individual. A little rebellious and a lot quirky, routines bore you and you’re happiest when things aren’t operating on a set schedule (kind of makes school and work a drag, right?).

You seem intuitive to the point of almost being psychic, have friends from several different cliques and your clothing style is always changing. You probably have a passion for strange, found objects and might be a bit of a flakester (sometimes).

Tertarik untuk nyoba??Klik aj di sini πŸ˜‰


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